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  In 2017, on an April night, there sat a man staring at the stars. On that day UPSC Civil Services final result was declared. And he LOST by the skin of his teeth.His name was not on the rank-list. He was desperate. But little did he know that the mark-list which was to be published two weeks later would declare him the second highest marks scorer in his state and below fifty overall in India, in five out of seven mains papers. 

He would have landed in a top rank, and fulfil his dream of becoming the first IAS officer from his district, if he had scored a better mark in his interview. But the dismal mark in 150s in interview shattered his dreams and took away all the advantage he created with his other five papers. Maybe an extra smile to the chairman, or a single better answer would have made his marks a 160 and he would have landed in 500s ranks, insted of early 600s (No.open merit didnt reach 600 that year.) and at least he would be in the elite list of Civil Service Rank holders. But alas! Life has other plans for him. 

But his determination was unwavering. He decided to pass on whatever he learned in his UPSC preparation journey and help those aspirants who are struggling with their preparation after years of hard-work. He was a teacher, and  the students who approached him for help and followed his advice diligently cleared the exam with ease.

 The one thing he identified as a reason for his failures was the lack of availability of right guidance in his earlier attempts. He would have saved his precious four years if someone had taught him what he learned through his trial and error in UPSC prelims and mains.

When he first introduced his idea to start an institute purely to guide aspirants and teach them his techniques, to his family and close friends, they told him it was crazy to launch an IAS Institute , competing with well established multi million rupees coaching institutes which coaches thousands of aspirants.  

Fast forward to 2019.A friend approached him and asks again why can’t they start a civil service study circle where the aspirants are taught how to clear prelims and mains by teaching them the right way? Things were different this time. None of the well established institutes were producing top ranks. Ideas sparked and soon like minded people came to him and Civils Cafe IAS Study Circle was born.  

 2019 was the first year of Civils Cafe IAS Study Circle. We had only 3 students, out of which 2 students got interview call. Our only IFS Mains and Interview candidate Mr. Ebin Benny Abraham IFS has secured Rank 29 in his first attempt with us!We started as a small reading room in a basement and later we grew into the institution you see. All, because students trusted us and we could justify their trust with the quality they get from us and the top Results we produce!!

We are here to help you with your preparation, especially if you are still struggling to clear UPSC prelims or Mains, even after years of hard work. We know how to score very high in prelims and in mains. We will teach you our own hard learned strategies and techniques so that we fulfil our dream of becoming IAS officers by helping you achieve your dream of becoming one. 

If you are a first timer, we have started a new batch specially deisgned for You! “The Poineers-Prelims Mains Interview Batch” . We will guide you step by step to a career in serving the Nation by becoming an IAS/IPS/IFS Officer. 

As a part of  our vision and commitment to our society , at  the Civils Cafe IAS Study Circle the students with 40% of more disability are taught for free and students from weaker sections are given scholarships so that any disability or disadvantage should not be roadblock to achieve ones dream. A part of our profit will go to the education of  children form marginalised communities as we believe education is way to escape every disadvantage and no child should be denied this basic right.  

We Provide:

* TARGET THER RANK MENTORSHIP  PROGRAM 2021 https://thecivilscafeias.com/target-rank-mentorship 

* Sure Shot 2020, for students who are unable to clear Prelims/Mains earlier in 2019.  https://thecivilscafeias.com/sure-shot-2020 

• Mains Punch Mentorship Cum Test Series .  https://thecivilscafeias.com/mains-punch-2019 

• Super 30 Mains Answer Writing Program Where The Next Year’s Toppers Sharpen Their Skills.  https://thecivilscafeias.com/super-30 

• Prelims Punch 2020 Prelims Test Series Cum Mentorship Program. https://thecivilscafeias.com/prelims-punch-2020 

• History Optional & Test Series . 

• Malayalam Optional And Test Series . 

* Public Administration Optional and Test Series.

* Anthropology Optional and Test Series.

*Sociology Optional and Test Series.

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