Current Affairs 28th August 2021

1. News : Kilauea volcano

Source: The Hindu

  • Kilauea, also called Mount Kilauea (“Much Spreading” in Hawaiian), is located in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park on the southeastern part of the island of Hawaii, U.S.A.
  • One among the world’s most active volcanoes.
  • It is an elongated dome built of lava eruptions from a central crater and from lines of craters extending along east and southwest rifts, or fissures.
  • The Kilauea volcano was last active in 2018 due to an earthquake.
  • Mt Kilauea is the second youngest volcano of the Hawaiian hotspot.
  • Mt Kilauea has a recently formed Caldera. Caldera is a hollow structure formed after a volcano erupts large volumes of magma in short period of time. The ground surface then collapses downward into the emptied magma chamber. The collapse leaves a massive depression at the surface. This is called Caldera.

2. News : Indian firm to build a bridge in the Maldives

Source: The Hindu

  • The Greater Male Connectivity Project (GMCP) will consist of a 6.74-km-long bridge and causeway link between Male and the nearby islands of Villingli, Gulhifalhu and Thilafushi.
  • The contract for the largest-ever infrastructure project in the Maldives, Greater Male Connectivity Project (GMCP) was signed between the Maldivian government and Indian construction giant AFCONS
  • The project is funded by a grant of USD 100 million and a Line of Credit (LOC) of USD 400 million from India.

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