Current Affairs 14th August 2021

1. News :Al-Mohed Al-Hindi 2021:

Source: The Hindu

  • It is the maiden bilateral naval exercise between India and Saudi Arabia. It is being held in Saudi.
  • To participate in the exercise, India’s guided-missile destroyer INS Kochi reached Saudi Arabia
  • INS Kochi: It is the second ship of Kolkata-class stealth guided-missile destroyers. It was built for Indian Navy under the code name Project 15A.

2. News : Common survey to count elephants and tigers

Source: The Hindu

  • From December, India will move to a system that will count tigers and elephants as part of a common survey
  • The World Elephant Day is celebrated on 12th August every year to spread awareness for the conservation and protection of the largest mammal on land
  • Given that 90% of the area occupied by elephants and tigers is commonthe tiger survey is usually held once in four years and elephants are counted once in five years.,
  • Asian elephants are listed as “endangered” on the IUCN Red List of threatened species
  • Asian Elephants: There are three subspecies of Asian elephant which are the Indian, Sumatran and Sri Lankan
  • Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972: Schedule I.
  • Conservation efforts by GOI
  • Gaj Yatra
  • Monitoring the Illegal Killing of Elephant (MIKE)
  • Project Elephant 1992
  • Surakshya Portal

3. News : GSLV-F10 fails to put satellite into orbit

Source: Indian Express

  • EOS-3 was the first state-of-the-art agile Earth Observation Satellite intended to be placed in a geo-synchronous orbit around the Earth.
  • EOS-03 is capable of imaging the entire country four to five times every day.
  • GSLV:GSLV expands to ‘geosynchronous satellite launch vehicle’.
  • The GSLV Mark II is the largest launch vehicle built by India and is capable of longer ranges and higher load-carrying capacity. Hence GSLVs are used for launching larger satellites to higher orbits.
  • The GSLV is basically a three-stage vehicle with solid, liquid and cryogenic stages respectively.

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