Current Affairs 11th August 2021

1. News : The frequency and intensity of cyclones developing over the Arabian Sea has increased in the last two decades, while fewer such storms have been seen over the Bay of Bengal.

Source: Indian express

  • Cyclones are rapid inward air circulation around a low-pressure area. The air circulates in an anticlockwise direction in the Northern hemisphere and clockwise in the Southern hemisphere.
  • There are two types of cyclones:
  • Tropical cyclones; and
  • Extra Tropical cyclones (also called Temperate cyclones or middle latitude cyclones or Frontal cyclones or Wave Cyclones).
  • Cyclones are addressed by different names in different locations.

Hurricanes – In the Atlantic and Eastern Pacific.

YTyphoons – In Southeast Asia

Cyclone – In the Indian Ocean and Western Pacific around Australia

  • Anticyclones

An anticyclone is the opposite of a cyclone i.e. i.e., it has an outward-spiralling air circulation around a high pressure centre

2. News : Tribals in Rajasthan seek more panchayats in scheduled areas

Source: The Hindu

  • Scheduled area
    • Scheduled and Tribal Areas -Article 244 (1) of the Indian Constitution defines Scheduled Areas as the areas defined so by the President of India and are mentioned in the fifth schedule of the Constitution. In India, there are 10 states having scheduled areas.
    • The Fifth Schedule under Article 244(1) of Constitution defines “Scheduled Areas” as such areas as the President may by order declare to be Scheduled Areas after consultation with the Governor of that State.
    • The Sixth Schedule under Article 244 (2) of the Constitution relates to those areas in the States of Assam, Meghalaya, Tripura and Mizoram which are declared as “tribal areas” and provides for District or Regional Autonomous Councils for such areas

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