Appropriate Strategy:Banning apps

GS 2 – INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS : India and its neighborhood- relations.


      Government banned 118 applications(PUBG,WeChat Work, Baidu, Camcard, Alipay etc),59 apps in June(Tik Tok,Camscanner etc) stating these were “Prejudicial to sovereignty and integrity of integrity of India,defence of India,security of State and public order.” Under section 69A of the Information Technology(IT) Act.

        Since June, border tensions between India and China turned ugly.


  • Complaints from various sources.
  • Reports about misuse of mobile apps(in android & iOS)
  • Stealing and transmitting user’s data in unauthorized manner.
  • Concerns regarding security of data
  • Loss of Privacy


  • Medical details of Millions of Indian patients were leaked (German cyber security firm)
  • According to a 2017 report, Indian consumers had lost over 18 billion U.S. dollars due to cyber crimes.
  • In 2018, there were over 27 thousand cases of cyber crimes recorded in the country.
  • An increase of over 121 percent compared to the number of cases just two years back.

Impact on China

  • 6 of the top 10 most downloaded apps in India were from Chinese tech companies,compared with US companies.(Paulson’s Institute’s Marcopolo Think tank report). 
  • India, the biggest market for some China’s social media companies, (hundreds of million consumers) in world’s 2nd most populous nation.

Impact on India

  • May lead to a revenue loss or hurt economically.
  • Tensions on the Border.
  • Economic Disparity(China’s economy-5 times larger)
  • India accounts 3% China’s export’s < China accounts 14% India’s imports& 5 % exports.
  • Reliant on sensitive sectors. (semiconductors ,active pharmaceutical ingredients,telecom sector)
  • Vendors involved in both 4G and ongoing 5G trials.

Way Forward

  • Draft a Data Protection Law as Recommended by B.N.Srikrishna committee (constituted by MeITY)
  • Protect one’s identity&Right to Privacy (Puttaswamy Judgement)
  • Consider the manner in which Public Data are being stored and used both state and private entities.


        India needs to be compared with China as far as its Internet regulation goes.It certainly needs a more considered approach to tech regulation.

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