GS 2 –  Social Justice-Issues related to the development and management of the social sector/Services relating to Health, Education, Human Resources

Qn.Covid19 has impacted all sectors of Indian Economy, but the educational sector is affected most. Discuss the issues faced by educational institutions during this pandemic and suggest suitable measures to overcome these challenges.


          There has been a colossal loss of life and economic damage the world over due to COVID 19, but it is also leaving a lasting impression on education. 

Issues facing by Educational Institutions

  1. The educational institutions are short on resources( funds to manage the institutions.) associated with 

⦁ Dual mode of educational delivery– both online and offline. (Extra costs)

⦁ Increased costs of IT infrastructure 

  •  network bandwidth
  •  servers
  •  cloud resources
  •  software licensing fees.

⦁ new hiring in the IT sector and associated increase in costs(Massive Open Online Courses  and other online platforms.)

⦁ Creation of virtual laboratories across all domains of studies and examination centres.

  1. The nature of the pandemic is unpredictable. ( in a limbo over the future course of action.)
  2. The education institutes are moving online.( whether it will be a permanent mode of operation, is still unknown.)
  3. None of the private institutions in India  possess any sort of such big corpus. The are  dependent on the annual income that comes from tuition and other fees collected.
  4.  Students are pleading for remission in fees which places additional burden on the management.
  5. Money borrowed for infrastructure built in the campuses needs to be paid back.
  6. The current graduating class are in a limbo over end term examinations.
  7. The educational institutions are shutting down or some are taking steps which are affecting jobs and livelihood.

How to overcome Covid 19 related challenges in education

  • A.Use of digital technologies (with the right combination of attitude, talent and technology.)

To strengthen technology skilling:

  1. 3D Visualizations
  2. simulations
  3. prototyping
  4. AR/VR based training using augmented reality to impart lessons.(Eg:Moorkkanad AEMAUP school of Kerala experimented with Augmented Reality to impart lessons in Science)
  • Centre and states should provide some sort of soft loans (Like US Government(43 million Americans holding $1.5 trillion in federal student loans.)
  • .Karma Sathi Prakalpa scheme for youth by West Bengal Government)
  • The governments and regulatory bodies should not interfere in the fee structure, and, for the future, even consider a measure of higher degree of financial autonomy.
  • Emphasis should be given to cognitive and soft skills.
  • Transdisciplinary learning approach.
  • Peer-to-peer, peer-to-teacher and group discussions.


    A teacher is like a guiding light who will help us navigate through the continuous process of learning, unlearning and relearning in our lives. This pandemic has been a great teacher to us – helping us prioritise our needs, assess our strengths and also teaching us alternative ways of living our lives.

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